To Start A Blog

BlueHost King of WordPress Hosting plan features packeges

To Start A Blog- Without Having Any Coding Language You Can Build Your Own Website!

To launch a website or to start a blog you need to get what’s called hosting space. Think of it as a plot of land for a house.


Sometimes you have to pay a fee. In some cases it’s free. So do shop around before making your choice. But mostly I like to say something about web host basically most of the people want to start with the free services provided. But free services are really worth it?

You can read here: Is it worth to use free services?

According to my survey, free services are bad for you there are a lot of drawbacks while using free services. Better way cheap hosting is the best option for you.

At least cheap web hostings are secure, trusted and reliable.

Now the main thing: Who is the best?

You know that when I have newly started the blog or my website I did a lot of survey and research before starting the website.

And what finally I got world best web hosting provider and that is BlueHost.

Why I used BlueHost King of WordPress Hosting?

There are a lot of reasons why I choose this?

  • Return Policy: Money back guarantee

Actually, the main thing is “They offers a Free trial for 30 days”. Than this what we expect much. Because if you not happy with their services then you don’t worry about it you can take your money from them within 30 days.

  • King of WordPress: Best for WordPress

Without any doubt, BlueHost is the king of WordPress. Within a second you can start your own site because “They gives you 300+ one-click installation apps i.e. WordPress, Joomla etc ”
You can easily install WordPress and start your blog or website.

  • Affordable in Price:

Most people are really concern about prices but trust me guys this is the one of the most important reason behind my suggestion as a new blogger I also worried about money.
But as service what they are giving you they are such a big thing for us”They providers much at affordable cost” as compared to other services providers.

  • Free SSL and 20x Faster speed:

This is the best feature I got from BlueHost. “They are very secure and fast”. You know what guys I started my site in Aug 2016 now it’s crossing two years within a few months later and yet I don’t have any issue with them.

They provide”Totally Free SSL certificate” and page loading time is also awesome.

  • Magic Spam Pro facility:

Email spamming is one of the bad issue right?

Email Spamming is sending an unsolicited message over the internet with the help of an electronic messaging system. It’s too irritating when unnecessary email is coming simultaneously to avoid this problem magic spam pro feature is the best. But most web hosting providers have taken the cost of this. But Bluehost provides free of cost how cool it is.

To get more to know about BlueHost here… 

In Short Summary- BlueHost King of WordPress Hosting

Choose the best domain name for your website[e.g. wizardblog] BlueHost offers free .com domain for lifetime.

So, you can just follow some steps and start to host.

Step 1: To get started here: BlueHost Home Page

BlueHost King of WordPress Hosting

Step 2: Fill in your personal information

Step 3: Select your package as per your requirements in between

[1] Basic BlueHost Plan

[2] Plus BlueHost Plan

[3] Choice Plus BlueHost Plan

Step 4: BlueHost will recommend you domain privacy which is paid services if you want to hide your data from WHOIS database then you have to pay for this. Otherwise, you can leave it[It totally depends on you].

Step 5: After your filling all details you can click on the next button.

Step 6: Now you have to complete your purchases.

Step 7: Generate a strong password for your BlueHost account.

Step 8: Login your cPanel account

Step 9: Go to website builder and now start installing WordPress

Step 10: And select theme according to your website and Design your Best website as you want.

Last word It’s like the request:

There are many web hosting providers available to start a blog nowadays. Does everybody provide their own services as well as plan but who is the best?

This is quite difficult.

But this is my personal experience I am with BlueHost. That’s why I am suggested to you as well. You can figures out all the above things and then take your decision But it’s my opinion about BlueHost.

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Thank you, so many guys for spending your valuable time to read this answer.

You start your website with BlueHost King of WordPress Hosting.

I hope this guide will help you to start a blog or a website.