5 Best SiteGround Alternatives: Latest Edition of Web Hosting Services

Are you looking for SiteGround alternatives?

In my previous post, people are searching for web hosting Hostgator alternatives and I hope they found the best web hosting from that. This is the right time to share with you alternatives to the siteground. So before that SiteGround is the official recommended hosting provider for WordPress But It’s a little bit expensive. SiteGround is a non-EIG company. Well, people have their reasons that’s why they are asking for a siteground hosting alternative. Right?

Countless web hosting alternatives that can offer good services at an affordable cost. I used Bluehost for my website. Before moving towards a list of free alternative to SiteGround you can check out some post that will help you-

Top 5 SiteGround WordPress Alternative Provider List 2020

In the table of SiteGround WordPress alternative provider list, I have listed the top 5 SiteGround alternatives reviewed by hosting experts.

Best Free SiteGround Competitors

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According to hosting experts, these are the best SiteGround hosting alternatives. Go in brief below one by one of the best free SiteGround competitors:

#1 BlueHost-Worlds #1 Scalable WordPress Hosting Provider

BlueHost company is the most powerful WordPress, hosting provider. BlueHost web hosting is highly recommended for WordPress hosting services for beginners. Similarly, SiteGround hosting is also officially recommended for WordPress hosting. But I think Bluehost hosting services are always a people’s top choice.


For newbie those who want to start a blog or website Bluehost WordPress hosting always on priority.

This is the best SiteGround alternatives and Bluehost is the part of EIG (Endurance International Group). EGI companies are those companies that come in a group of small companies and provides web hosting services in one source only.

[There are many EIG or Non-EIG companies which come under this check out here.]

BlueHost hosting providers are the best alternatives to the siteground. If you want to transfer your website with the Bluehost domain then it is your good decision.

#2 A2 Hosting- Fastest & Best SiteGround Alternative

Compared to SiteGround A2 hosting is the fastest web hosting company in the world. A2 Hosting is known for its high performance and speed. To maintain the speed of servers they used Turbo servers & 21x faster LiteSpeed advanced technology.


A2hosting all plans included SSD storage. Web hosting services of A2 hosting is affordable and best to use. They will offer a 4-week money refund policy for you. That means it’s easier for you first you can use their services & later take the decision to stay with them or not.

A2 hosting offers free website migration which is very easy to move from SiteGround to A2 hosting.

Get the 70% OFF on the web hosting plan of A2 hosting checkout detailed review here.

#3 DreamHost- High Recommended Overall SiteGround Alternative

Dreamhost is one of the famous web hosting choice of people & alternatives to siteground. The quick support of Dreamhost makes them the best web hosting provider. Dreamhost has its dashboard where you can handle issues the way you want.


They provide an easy interface to install the application just in a single click like WordPress, Joomla, etc. Dreamhost security level is very high provides free security audits, DDoS protection & malware protection. That is why Dreamhost is the secured web hosting company.

The mirror offers two advantages-

  • Provides free domain on hosting package
  • Offers SSD storage with free website migration

Dreamhost distributed their data centers all around the world India, USA, UK, Netherlands, etc. Dreamhost provides the services for WordPress website, Drupal website, Magento website, and man more.

#4 MilesWeb- Cheapest & Best Alternative to SiteGround

MilesWeb is the Indias best and cheapest SiteGround alternative. The best thing about Milesweb is they provide high protection security. Milesweb is SiteGround WordPress alternative provider best web hosting provider for the newbie.


At the lowest cost start a website with MilesWeb web hosting. The web hosting services of Milesweb is best because they can handle high traffic without having any issue per day.

For smooth functioning, you can use Milesweb services. Milesweb services plan to come up with 30 days claim of a cash refund. If you are happy with their services then continue with them otherwise take back your money within 1 month.

The one thing I loved about Milesweb is they offering the free domain for a year on hosting packages. Isn’t it cool!

#5 GreenGreeks- Eco-Friendly & Best SiteGround Alternative

GreenGreeks is the eco-friendly web hosting provider & the best alternative to the siteground. The services of GreenGreeks includes a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Along with they will offer a year free TLD’s domain.


The web hosting services of GreenGreeks offer unlimited email accounts, bandwidth, and SSD storage. And the cost of this plan is very cheap. I think GreenGreeks is the cheapest SiteGround alternative.

GreenkGreeks is best for instant provisioning and their technical support. Usually, people looking for local servers because of maintaining the performance of the website. But there is no big deal if the server location is anywhere else. Likewise, GreenGreeks has multiple data centers all around the world.

GreenGreeks web hosting is best for SiteGround WordPress alternative provider. GreenGreek is the reliable and scalable WordPress hosting to use.

Final Inspection on SiteGround Alternatives

Are you still confused?— In SiteGround cheaper alternatives?

Finding a perfect web hosting company always a difficult part to do. It depends on personal needs or choice of user. So, I will make it easier for you. Above all are the competitors to SiteGround they all are the best top alternatives to SiteGround in terms of security, cost, and services.

These are the best siteground alternatives. When I was looking for SiteGround alternatives reddit I found Bluehost, A2 hosting, Kinsta, Milesweb, GreenGreeks, and Dreamhost as the best SiteGround alternatives.

But I always recommended Bluehost for Blogger. Because the services of Bluehost fulfill the all need of users at a low cost.

So, assuming the great web hosting Bluehost is the best SiteGround alternatives.

The reason behind the suggestions are:

  • Free Top Level Domain[.com TLD’s]

Bluehost is the one that offers a free domain for a year. Their web hosting package or plan is at a very low cost which is very affordable to everyone.

  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Security is always a needed thing for every website. There are several web hosting companies offers free SSL otherwise they are taking extra charges for it. But Bluehost offers free SSL.

  • 30 Days Cash Back Policy

Trust! Here is another proof from Bluehost that they claim a 1-month cash back policy. You can use their services for a month if you feel happy with their services. Then stay with them otherwise take back your money. Without any questioning, they will return your cash.

And many mouths are watering attributed Bluehost offers. According to me, Bluehost is the best SiteGround alternatives. And I hope you found the best siteground hosting alternative in this post.

Feel free and comment below if you found other best free SiteGround competitors. If you found this post of SiteGround alternatives helpful then share with your friends also. It will help them also. Thank you!

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