Milesweb Shared Web Hosting Review: A-Z Ultimate Guide

In this competitive world, when we are going to start a small or big online business or a website it becomes necessary to stay in the competition. We’ll share a Milesweb shared web hosting review to host a website that is new in this industry. Because as a newbie or student which you do not have to pay a penny. You know what there is a price to pay for everything in life.

In this article, we are going to share the Milesweb review. Where you will know the best facts about Milesweb shared web hosting.

Best Milesweb shared web hosting review before we start some people have a question what is the shared hosting meaning?

The shared web hosting meaning is very simple. Those who are going to use Milesweb shared web hosting plan means Milesweb provides a single physical server that can host multiple websites. Many users can use the resources on a single server. That is why Milesweb cheap web hosting provider.


So, let’s discuss Milesweb hosting. Milesweb web hosting services is the cheap web hosting India. Milesweb is well known for its cheapest web hosting and domain.

Trusted Milesweb Shared Web Hosting Review

Milesweb best hosting India they will offer three shared web hosting plans and that is:

#1 Milesweb Shared Web Hosting: Tyro Plan

This is the best-shared web hosting in India. Milesweb plan comes up within a cheap web host. The Tryo Milesweb shared web hosting best to host a single website. This is the best shared web hosting 2020 for a small organization or a blogging website.

The Tryo Milesweb plan includes SSD hosting unlimited storage space with unlimited bandwidth. To maintain high-security Milesweb cheap web hosting provides a free SSL certificate. Probably other web hosting providers charge for SSL certificate but Milesweb Indian web hosting provides charge free.


#2 Milesweb Shared Web Hosting: Swift Plan

Milesweb SSD web hosting India is the cheapest web hosting. This is another Milesweb shared web hosting Swift plan. Swift plan of Miles web hosting is one of my favorite because Swift plan comes up with a cheap web host plus a free domain name.

Pocket saving Milesweb shared web hosting plan. Because the Swift plan of Milesweb shared web hosting offers unlimited email accounts, Unlimited SSD storage plus unlimited MySQL database. Also, the plan included free let’s encrypt the SSL certificate.


#3 Milesweb Shared Web Hosting: Turbo Plan

The Turbo plan of Milesweb shared web hosting is best for big organizations or to host multiple websites. Like Swift, Milesweb shared web hosting plan Turbo plan also offers free top-level domain name on hosting purchase.

All plans of Milesweb shared web hosting includes free SSL certificate + unlimited features[SSD storage, bandwidth, email accounts, MySQL database, etc.]


Milesweb has the best VPS hosting India, best windows shared hosting services, free unlimited reseller hosting whm/cpanel with free billing tools, also a Linux hosting India, Milesweb WordPress hosting for hosting a website will go in brief in the next post of mine.

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Attributes of Milesweb Shared Web Hosting Review


Apart from these Milesweb best-shared web hosting offers some mouth-watering attributes and that are:

Money Back Policy-

Milesweb cheap website hosting assures you their services are best to use. So they are very transparent with their clients if you don’t like their services they will give you an advantage.
For one month(4 weeks) you can use Milesweb services and then decide to continue with them or not.

Free Domain Name-

If you are going to buy a separate top-level domain name you need to pay extra charges for that. But Milesweb best hosting for unlimited domains because their web hosting plan offers free domain name.

Milesweb shared web hosting plans provides either .com or .in TLD’s in a hosting package.

Free SSL certificate-

Online security is must needed thing. To secure a website we can spend a huge amount of money. Right?

But few web hosting companies like Milesweb offers a free SSL certificate. So, it can easily build the trust of visiting people. Protect your website with Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate within a few minutes.

Unlimited Resources to Use-

Milesweb cheapest web hosting is an award-winner web hosting company in India. Because of their high quality and unlimited resources attribute.

At affordable web hosting plans, they will provide unlimited resources like email accounts, SSD storage, bandwidth, etc.

300+ 1-Click Applications-

To avoid extra hours to download and install application Milesweb Indian hosting offers single click installation applications. Softaculous installer folder in Milesweb cPanel that can help to install the application just at one click.

There are 300+ applications available in softaculous like WordPress, ppBB, Drupal, Blog, Joomla, etc.

Security Features-

As we already discuss one feature of Milesweb India about free SSL certificate. But apart from this, there are many advanced security attributes Milesweb offers. Such as DDoS protection, Malware protection, 2FA security, and brute-force protection, etc.

Multiple Data Centers-

Milesweb servers are situated all over the globe. Milesweb has multiple data centers so you have freedom of choice to select a server location.

The datacenters of Milesweb web hosting the USA, India, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, Canada, Uk, etc. Select the location according to your nearest place.


Milesweb shared web hosting is a solid award-winner web hosting provider. We recommended Miles web hosting for small mid-sized websites.


Considering multiple terms such as a free domain, cheap web host, unlimited hosting plans, and server performance Milesweb is the best and cheapest web hosting and domain.

Top listed and highly recommended low-cost domain and hosting their specialties gain their trust. Milesweb unlimited Linux hosting India gives you a guarantee of below things:

  • One-month cashback claim
  • Excellent 24x7x365 anytime support
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • Instant provisioning

These are the plus points with the best Milesweb shared web hosting review. One more best feature of Milesweb cheapest web host gives you a free video tutorial. So, it will easy to set up a website. And if you face some issue while creating a website you can take help with the help of the free tutorial.


The Milesweb is the only low cost shared web hosting provider who gives you the same cost of renewal of plan. On other hand other web hosting providers take extra renewal costs later.
So, we don’t see any loss in giving it a try for one month. Right?

Let me know your opinion in the comment box about Milesweb shared web hosting review. Feel free and ask if you have any doubts about Milesweb hosting. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read this post I will back soon with a new post!

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