Money Making Way: Step By Step Guide How To Start A Blog?

Are you searching for how to start a blog in 2020 and make money? Or how to start blogging using WordPress?

I think this is the best decision,

This is the best decision ever I made in my entire life to start a blog.

And I have a good deal for you. Here you go…

If you want to make passive income from blogging which is helpful for your lifetime. You will live like a boss.

So starting a blog you need two things domain and hosting services. Anybody can start a blog you will start your blog today.

Starting a blog is not much difficult at all, but you required proper guidance, that can help you to start a blog in 2020.

Earn Money Online- How To Start A Blog Using WordPress?

How to start a blog website just follow few steps and get some tips that may help to start a website.

Let’s start,

  • 1st step- Select a niche to start a blog.
  • 2nd step- Select a domain name[I will prefer .com domain].
  • 3rd step- Get the best web hosting providers plan.
  • 4th step- Install WordPress to start a blog.
  • 5th step- Select the theme and use some best plugins for your blog.
  • 6th step- Start to write an article and post in on your website to make the website live on the internet.
  • 7th step- ow you can make money from it.

Might be some people are thinking why we start a blog in 2020?

I know everyone feels helpless because of COVID-19. I don’t think so there is the no better option to start a blog in 2020.

According to me, blogging is the hard way to maintain day by day so a better way to start today. And get the best opportunities.

You know what there are a lot of advantages if you start your blog. I will share with you some advantages of it:

  1. You can express yourself: How you can? This is the best platform where you can share your thoughts with your audience by writing content.
  2. Gain huge fan base & helps others: This is another benefit you will get you can help someone by sharing knowledge. Along with from true fans you will get support too.
  3. Make money online: Who doesn’t want it right? By doing affiliate marketing and promoting brands on your blog. So companies will pay you for that.

These are some ideas that are why you can start a blog.

You will discuss all the above 7 steps of how to start a blog on WordPress in details below:



I know this is always a striking part for all bloggers. You know what selecting a perfect niche that you are passionate about.

There are many options are out there you can nake one of them as a niche.

Are you still demented for selecting a niche?

Okay, I will give you one popular blogger’s examples which might be helpful for you.
Do you hear about ShotMeLoud?

ShoutMeLoud is one of the searched blogging website. Where they can share information related to WordPress, Blogging, SEO, etc.

See this image where they can show their passive income [earning report] from blogging.


Likewise, you can start a blog with selecting a perfect niche where you can earn money online.
Nowadays, there are countless profitable niches are available to select one of then and stary your blog. According to your choice, you can select a niche.



This is not difficult for selecting a domain. You can easily pick a domain.

But those who don’t know about this I will share with you my experience I blogging field.

I am like you, when I start a blog I don’t know even how to choose domain or brand name. To be very honest I wasted 3-4 domains because I realize they are not worth it.

So I feel you don’t mistake which I did before.

I will give you some helpful tips on how to choose a domain name?

Use the keyword as a domain name. So, it will easy to rank and get high traffic.

Keep the domain name short and simple. That means people will easy to remember your domain name. So you will get organic traffic from it.

Try to avoid numbers in the domain name because it’s very difficult to remember numbers in the domain.

Use top-level domain extension why? Because I always prefer .com domain because it is for globally used.


Be careful here while choosing a web hosting plan for your blog. As I said for creating a blog we need two things domain name and web hosting plan. I will give you an example that means it will easy for you.

My website is nowhere- wizardblog is the domain name and .info is the TLD’s.

Second part what is web hosting? Web hosting is the location where you can store your website data. It’s like a hard disk to store all kinds of data.

You might be thinking which WordPress hosting is best for your blog or website?

Don’t be confused here there are many WordPress hosting providers out there who claim they are best. But I will give you only one name which I personly used i.e. Bluehost. Do you want to know how to start a blog using Bluehost?

Bluehost is the #1 world’s best WordPress hosting providerIf you want to start a new website or blog I will recommend Bluehost for that. How to buy a web hosting plan from Bluehost? Follow the below steps-

First, you can choose the domain name click on this best deal link of Bluehost to start a blog.

Now which plan to choose for a blog? As a newbie, I will suggest a basic plan.


Enter your domain name in the red box as I showing you.


Fill the accounts details of yours.


Enter the payment details of yours.


Confirm the terms and conditions and click on the submit button.


Then you will get a mail from Bluehost on your mail ID details related to your account. Then it’s done.

Congratulations guys you are ready to start a brand new website.



Now what next step is how to set up a WordPress blog?

It’s too easy to part You can log in to your cPanel account at the dashboard you can see softaculus. There is a WordPress application available just click on it. And you can easily install WordPress.

Once the installation is done. You can start upload posts on your blog.



You can use theme according to your choice and there are many free themes available you can select one of them.

Then the plugin I used for my website is:

Anti-Spam: To avoid spam comments from your blog.

Elementor: To designing the page this plugin is the best. And many more you can just go to the dashboard click on add new plugin

Then upload the plugin zip file and click on install. Once the installation is done then click on the activate button.


How to write blog posts? Go to dashboard → Post → Add New

Then you can write an article and post it.



How to earn money from blogging? Right.

Place an ad on your website: Once your website grows then companies will approach you to place their ads on your website and for that, they will pay you a good amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money from other websites or brands. Without investing money you can earn money from them.

You can join some high paid affiliate program and start promoting their brands. So they will pay you commission of it.

You can sell your product or services: Yes you can promote your ebooks, services through your website, and earn from it. And there are many ways you can earn money like this.

FAQ Associated To How To Start A Blog In 2020

[1] To start a blog how much budget we need?

To start a blog you need around $2.95. As I suggested Bluehost is one of them who is best for a low budget. You will get a discount also.

[2] Can we earn money from a blog?

Yes, you can! As I already discussed in the guide you can earn money from blogs. There are many sources to earn from affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, etc.

[3] If I started a blog how I can get traffic?

To get traffic is quite difficult but if you doing this work passionately and getting high-quality links from where a lot of peoples visit daily. Like Quora, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You will get traffic to your website.

[4] In 2020 to start a blog worth it?

Guys trust me I am a blogger for the last two years and I still have worn on that. It’s worth it to start a blog.

[5] Is it okay to start a blog for free?

You can! If you want to talk trail you can use free platforms. But one thing I will tell you to try to avoid free platforms why check out here. So a better way to go with the cheap options.

In the end what?

So firstly, Congratulation!

You started blog finally in 2020. But what next?

Bonus: Best web hosting providers for you.

For a successful blogger, you need to learn many things and grow your website from it. I hope this post on how to start a blog and make money 2020 will help you.

I also recommended you join our blogging page for more updates related to your blog or website stuff.

Note: For a blog which platform I choose?

I will not be taking much time here just tell you the best blogging platform is WordPress.

Because in the WordPress platform you don’t need to required coding knowledge and all. There are many plugins are available you just install it and use it simply. And I always said Bluehost is the best for WordPress so go and check out their services.

Thank you so much for reading this post on how to start a blog beginner’s guide? I hope you will learn something from it.

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