100% Sure Girls Can’t Be Ignore: How To Start A Beauty Blog

No matter what your goals, always put your audience first. If you are obsessed with beauty then you may have how to start a beauty blog. How to become a beauty blogger and get free stuff will help you.

Hey, babes, I am back with a bang. I am very happy to announce only for girls that you can be your own boss. It doesn’t mean boys can read it helpful as well to them.

If you are interested in how to start a beauty blog. Then this post will 100% gives you beauty blogging ideas.

After writing this post I feel like I am a blogger but now I’m going to motivate peoples. Just kidding. Let’s get started. How to start a beauty blog and make money…

  • Ashna saraf: India’s leading fashion blogger
  • Malvika Sitlani: Beauty and top model, famous YouTuber

I really admire both of them. Both are the top followed artist. If you ever wonder about live life like a boss. Then just look at it.

I think this post is best for especially women who want to earn from home. You probably know blogger will earn a lot. And this true I will tell you some example who is popular as a beauty blogger.

Where you can earn huge if you take seriously about your beauty blog.

Ultimate Guide How To Start A Beauty Blog With Tips


After getting good tips you can make the best beauty blog. This is the guide on how to start a beauty blog the UK, USA, India and many countries.

#1 Find A Perfect Niche To start a Blog

If you are new in the web hosting industry. Then don’t worry you can get the perfect platform to start a blog. Which platform is good?

I always prefer WordPress [self-hosted platform]. Why? WordPress hosting is a well-optimized plan. Where you can just install some plugins and designing your site. If in case you don’t have any coding knowledge. Easily you can develop your WordPress blog.

#2 Choose Name For Your Beauty Blog

This is most important you can put an attractive name to your blog. e.g I used like this way. You can use your own name e.g. “” in this way. Your name like the brand of your blog.

Just remember a few things while putting the domain name:

  1. Avoid hyphens in your domain name e.g
  2. Avoid numbers from your domain name e.g

Why? Because it is very difficult if someone looking for your blog. Then might they don’t find you on google so. And if possible use .com domain so it can easier to remember people to you.
With WordPress setup your website

This is so easy how to start a blog if you go with BlueHost WordPress hosting plan. You can choose a hosting plan according to your budget. Here you can save your pocket BlueHost offers .com domain totally free.

You can purchase makeup blog names and get a free .com domain. You can set up a WordPress hosting plan. After that follow the next step.

Install WordPress apps and choose beauty theme and design your beauty blogging ideas. WordPress provides free themes and plugins to install them and start a website.

#3 Write and Post beauty tips on your website

Now you are ready to write the post and publish. You can write and post an article post regarding beauty products and tips.

You can enjoy the writing for good blog it must need. And after publishing a post on your website share post on different social media. Grab the audience attention.

#4 Also, you can create video and Build a huge fan base

To create videos and post it on youtube channel you will huge visitors. It is not so much difficult to create videos and post. You can use the camera or your iPhone as well.

Also, you can post images after makeup and before makeup, it will grab the peoples attention. So you can post pictures on Instagram. And this is one of the best platforms for a beauty blogger.

You can write your own blogging journey on your website. And motivate peoples to start it. And share your own experience. How your life will change after and before.

How To Start A Beauty Blog And Make Money


After reading above all tips you will get some idea on how to become a beauty blogger and get free stuff.

Hopeful this article motivates and makes you successful beauty blogger. And make huge money with affiliate marketing, affiliate partners, paid contents, etc.

Conclusion- Start Your Beauty Blog with Fun!

Maybe it takes too much time to popular your beauty blog. Popularity depends on you how much time you spent on that. To make your blog popular you need to post quality articles as much as you can.

To start a beauty blog it’s as fun. Make fun with passion you will become a successful beauty blogger. Use the above tips to make your brand famous and popular in the online industry.

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