High PR Social Bookmarking Sites for 2017

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites for 2020

So let’s start with the top ‘high pr social bookmarking sites’.

High PR social bookmarking sites play a very challenging and important role in SEO today. Social bookmarking sites is the technique to get good backlinks, huge traffic along with branding, promotion & indexing privileges.

If you are a digital marketing or SEO person, you must know about it. Right?

Why Use High PR Social Bookmarking Sites?

In my previous blog post, I discussed High PR DoFollow Profile Creation Site List and now I will suggest you some free high pr social bookmarking sites list to increase your website traffic.

There are a lot of advantages to submitting your web content to one or more of these sites.
And one of the best things, they help to increase your brand presence or awareness on the internet.

How to built your brand read this- Online Branding Strategies and Techniques

High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Submission Sites List ranked by a combination of continually updated traffic statistics.

Here are the social bookmarking sites with high pr list for SEO that is I also used.

High PR Social Bookmarking Sites DA
www.twitter.com 100
www.pinterest.com 100
www.tumblr.com 100
www.facebook.com 100
www.plus.google.com 100
www.reddit.com 99
www.digg.com 98
www.stumbleupon.com 98
https://getpocket.com 95
www.foursquare.com 94
www.mendeley.com 88
www.diigo.com 88
www.blinklist.com 86
www.librarything.com 84
www.dzone.com 83
www.techdirt.com 83
www.citeulike.org 81
https://weheartit.com 80
www.disqus.com 79
www.Fark.com 79
www.folkd.com 79
www.metafilter.com 78
www.metafilter.com 78
www.myspace.com 77
www.linkarena.com 73
www.list.ly 73
www.bibsonomy.org 69
www.inbound.org 69
www.bizsugar.com 68
www.delicious.com 66
www.boingboing.net 64
www.Plurk.com 63
www.storify.com 61
www.Dotnetkicks.com 61
www.techdirt.com 58
www.slashdot.org 55
www.scoop.it 54
www.instapaper.com 54
www.kirtsy.com 53
www.twicsy.com 50
www.blogengage.com 49
www.instapaper.com 41
www.bookmark4you.com 41


Overall, these are the top and best “high pr social bookmarking sites” will undoubtedly improve the search engine rank of your site. And also helps you to get a high amount of traffic regularly.

As mentioned above, you should make it easier for your visitors to share your content on social media. Which will help you to improve the search engine ranking and get a lot of traffic from search engines?

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