BlueHost VS GoDaddy For WordPress Blog: Who is Better?

Are you struggling to choose between-  “BlueHost vs GoDaddy”?

In the hosting industry will understand the few things. In BlueHost vs GoDaddy 2020, there is a lot of differences in their services. In this GoDaddy vs Bluehost for WordPress, we will consider below some facts. Are you ready to know-

Who Is Better In GoDaddy VS BlueHost?


BlueHost web hosting

GoDaddy web hosting


Best for Hosting plan & Domain name

Best for Domain name registration


Offers free domain name

No free domain name


BlueHost cost per month is $2.95

GoDaddy hosting price 2.99/month

4 BlueHost best website hosting GoDaddy best domain registrar

These are the few factors of GoDaddy and Bluehost. We will discuss detailed BlueHost vs GoDaddy WordPress hosting below. And if you want to transfer the domain from Bluehost to GoDaddy stay with us till the end of the GoDaddy versus BlueHost post.

About BlueHost:

Web hosting BlueHost itself created a name brand in the hosting world. BlueHost web hosting is the ideal choice for WordPress blog.  The BlueHost services are the best. This is the part of eig Bluehost charge company.


Being a blogger, few best things about BlueHost WordPress hosting are:

  1. Provide anytime support when facing technical issues
  2. Budget-friendly BlueHost pricing plan
  3. Offers optimized and managed WordPress hosting
  4. Unlimited and free features to use

The best BlueHost plan for the blog is basic web hosting BlueHost.  In the Blue hosting vs GoDaddy, blue web hosting offers three different plans. Which is the best BlueHost blog example to host a website or blog. Do people usually ask BlueHost or WordPress hosting? For them, BlueHost hosting is the officially recommended WordPress hosting.

Why BlueHost best? – Because,

  • Free TLD’s Domain Name: BlueHost offers a free domain name. The .com top-level domain you will get on hosting package. Which is not available in hosting packages GoDaddy.
  • One Month Refund Policy: Free trial and then if you feel unhappy with the BlueHost services then take back your money. They will give you a 30-day cash back policy.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate: One more advantage gets from BlueHost service i.e. free SSL certificate. To protect websites from a third party or brut force attack.
  • Customer Support: BlueHost services provide awesome technical support. Whenever you are facing a technical issue BlueHost provides anytime support. And there are a lot of best BlueHost features that will discuss below.

If you want how to get BlueHost cheaper plan? Click on the below link:


Before you will buy hosting from BlueHost. Need to read BlueHost hosting review.

Here is the ultimate guide of BlueHost reviews 2021

About GoDaddy

This is the domain hosting – GoDaddy.

Godaddy buys a hosting plan on its website. You can check out GoDaddy’s cheap hosting. But GoDaddy cms is not user friendly.  The GoDaddy cPanel hosting plans are various but the GoDaddy cost is a little bit expensive. One best plan of GoDaddy email plans India for business hosting this is the best option.


The plan Godaddy economy hosting is best for a newbie. In the GoDaddy com prices, GoDaddy economy web hosting Linux has the cheapest. So you can host a website with GoDaddy deluxe Linux hosting with cPanel. Is GoDaddy free web hosting offers? There is nothing free.

The GoDaddy hosting packages and GoDaddy hosting domains are best. But the GoDaddy hosting cost is high. Yes, GoDaddy’s email expensive. You can investigate GoDaddy email reviews on Google.

Some GoDaddy hosting features that make GoDaddy hosting plan best:

  • GoDaddy Hosting Plans: GoDaddy hosting plans comparison they will provide various hosting plans. For a large scale, the online business GoDaddy email marketing starter plan is best. And for the new customer, GoDaddy hosting Linux is a low cost to use.
  • GoDaddy cPanel: GoDaddy hosting control panel offers a good GoDaddy dashboard. So, you can easily managGodaddydy cpaWordPressress. Likewise, thGoDaddydy competitors BlueHost is the best.
  • GoDaddy Domain Hosting: In the GoDaddy competition, GoDaddy is best for domain namregistrararTheyey will offer domain name just RS. 99 for the r first year.

For GoDaddy vs BlueHost, BlueHost handling high traffic. Moreover, you do not need to worry about GoDaddy or Bluehost who is best let’s see below.

Compare BlueHost vs GoDaddy WordPress Hosting


Here is the difference between WordPress and BlueHost GoDaddy.

[1] BlueHost vs GoDaddy Free Trail of WordPress Hosting:

I love one quality Bluehost India is the clai1-month money refund. That means BlueHost free trial for one month. Within 1 month if you feel unhappy return BlueHost services and take back your money.

On the other side, GoDaddy blog hosting is a little bit expensive. Offers GoDaddy hosting and domain are best. But GoDaddy well known for domain name registration. WordPress free witGoDaddydy? No GoDaddy nither provides free WordPress nor free trial.

So, in comparing Bluehost and GoDaddy winner is BlueHost windows hosting.

[2] BlueHost vs GoDaddy Server Locations:

Where are BlueHost servers located in the world? As we know BlueHost servers situated all over the globe. The servers of BlueHost location are in BlueHost Europe, India, Hong Kong, USA, UK, etc. i.e. Bluehost server location over the world.

Similarly, the server location of the GoDaddy domain and hosting is in India. So, in BlueHost WordPress vs GoDaddy, BlueHost plans compared has multiple server locations.

[3] BlueHost vs GoDaddy Domain Hosting Comparison:

BlueHost vs GoDaddy hosting domain hosting comparison, Godaddy domain hosting is best for the domain name. On another side of the BlueHost plan comparison, BlueHost is best for WordPress hosting. The services of Bluehost domain registration cost and BlueHost plan cost is also affordable.

[4] BlueHost vs GoDaddy hosting plan comparison

Blue website hosting offers various plans BlueHost email plans, BlueHost PHP hosting, BlueHost WordPress hosting, etc. You can choose the hosting plan according to your choice. The BlueHost email hosting price is very cheap. Checkout the BlueHost email cost on their official website.

The Godaddy web hosting plans are various but the hosting packages Godaddy cost is high. If you are going to check Bluehost vs GoDaddy pricing who is cheaper? In the Godaddy vs BlueHost, BlueHost is an affordable web hosting company.

[5] Free Features of GoDaddy versus BlueHost

In the compare BlueHost vs GoDaddy both companies having their own attributes. Bluehost  offers free domain on hosting package, guru support, free SSL certificate, unlimited resources (email accounts, bandwidth, SSD storage, etc.)

GoDaddy hosting features are a free SSL certificate, 98% uptime, good support, a server located in India. GoDaddy trusted site for domain name registration.

FAQ’s Related To BlueHost vs GoDaddy

Q 1. Who uses BlueHost?

BlueHost is the best WordPress hosting provider for every organization. Blue website hosting and Blue website builder is best to host a website. Because this is easy to use. They will offer customized cPanel. In WordPress BlueHost vs GoDaddy BlueHost is the best for WordPress.

Q 2. Why is BlueHost so expensive?

No, the BlueHost pricing plan is very cheap. In fact, their basic plan starts at just $2.95 every month. Which is very affordable BlueHost services. For ew client Bluehost payment methods options are available. So, BlueHost reviews 2019 is best, and still, BlueHost is the leading hosting brand.

Q 3. Is GoDaddy hosting good?

No, doubt. GoDaddy is best only for Domain name.  GoDaddy India hosting offers plans but compear to cost not good for hosting. The cost of GoDaddy’s ultimate hosting plan is quite much. But GoDaddy shared hosting plan is low in cost.


More durable – In GoDaddy and BlueHost, BlueHost best WordPress hosting. There are thousands of BlueHost competitors or top web hosting services are out. But the services provide BlueHost business hosting is best for any website. BlueHosting is a top leading WordPress company. There are Bluehost competitors because of BlueHost websites hosting they will compare with others.

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