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6 Reasons Why You Should Ignore Free Web Hosting Services

Have you heard about free web hosting services?

Well, it sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

But it’s a TRAP.

Nothing comes for free.

The thought of getting top the free web hosting services is tempting.

The world of internet is full of companies offering free web hosting services. You’re probably wondering what’s the catch?

Why is not everyone else using a free web hosting services lifetime?

In this article, we will share SIX reasons why having a free web hosting sites is a bad idea and something that you should AVOID at all costs.

Be careful.

When something is offered top free unlimited hosting that means there is something fishy.

who is serious about their work and their business shall never option for these free web hosting sites.Until you get a reality check.

Once you sign up to these so-called “free web hosting services”, you slowly start to reveal the limitations and many of them turn out to be not free at all.

If your friend or you are thinking about getting a free web hosting server, then stop now.
And read these SIX reasons why Free webhosting services is almost always a bad idea. Better way you should go with  the top best web hosting services.

[1] Free Web Hosting have No Guarantee of Resources

There is no guarantee of uptime, speed, bandwidth or support is given for the free best web hosting services. It will be available only when you upgrade to paid web hosting services. In that there is no Guarantee in free web hosting with cpanel and unlimited bandwidth

[2] By Blog can be Stopped at any Time

They can shut down your website at any time. The free web hosting services in India as well as another counries can shutdown your website at any time without providing you a reason.

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Even though they may give you some notice period, they might stop other related. So that you may not be able to use these services. All SEO ranking and all work will be lost.
Sometimes, they may delete all work that you have done for your blogs without any notice.

[3] You Cannot Copy or Resell your Own Blog

Yup this is one of the worst things in free web hosting sites.
You cannot sell your blog even you can not copy it from the free hosting service provider. This is because, when you use other’s blog free hosting, you are no longer the owner of your site or blog.

[4] No Proper Support Lack of Customization

A free web host might not enable to you what exact support you want and might be you don’t get it fro them. And the support is the very important aspect of web hosting. You required all the time support. But there is no guarantee of free website hosting service.

[5] There is no Control Over Server Resources for you

In the free web hosting area your host will determine your fate and your website. In case, your website is down and you want to correct it, you will have to keep requesting your host and wait for the host to respond. Since you are not paying for the service, you cannot log your grievances authoritatively.

[6] Free Web Hosting Services are Not Reliable

A provider of any free web hosting service can close up shop anytime. Actually, this is a really bad situation if you’re putting in a lot of time, you’re constantly updating your blog, writing great content and in few days without any notice they closing up shop.

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What are you gonna do now?

What you’re next move?

Do you have enough time and resources to transfer your data to another site all your backlinks to your new website?

It all depends on the third party. If he doesn’t want to wait for you to get your all stuff together, you cannot do anything about that so better way don’t go with ‘Free Web Hosting Services’.

We hope this article helped you learn why having a free website is a bad idea.

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